Medication Management for Seniors: Avoid These Issues

Did you know that 40 percent of senior Americans take five or more prescription medications? Nearly 20 percent take at least 10 or more, according to AARP.

And if you count over-the-counter products and supplements, these percentages go even higher.

We understand the importance of maintaining your regular medication schedule as prescribed, which is why medication management for seniors is an important part of the services offered at Bladen East Health and Rehab. We’ll explore what medication management is, what’s included in it, and the problems that can arise if your medication is mismanaged.

4 Problems of Mismanaged Medication

There are several issues that can arise as the result of mismanaged medication—we’ll take a closer look at four of them.

1. The Wrong Dosage

When you’re juggling multiple prescriptions, it’s easy to take the wrong dosage, especially if your doctor has recently changed the amount you’re taking. Taking the incorrect amount can lead to many problems. If you take too little, you may not be addressing your underlying health problem, but if you take too much you run the risk of side effects or, in extreme cases, an accidental overdose.

2. Forgetting to Take Your Medication

With the activities of daily living and everyday chores, it’s easy to get so involved in the mundane that you forget to take your medication. This can be especially problematic with medication that should be taken at the same time every day.

At Bladen East Health and Rehabilitation, we take care of the tasks of everyday living so you can concentrate on other things. As part of our services, we help manage your medication to ensure that you don’t miss a dose and that it is taken in accordance with your doctor’s orders.

We take a closer look at this issue in our earlier blog on how to help your parents remember to take their medication.

3. Forgetting to Refill Your Medication

You’re taking your medication regularly when you suddenly realize you’re running low on pills. Has this ever happened to you? The time for refills can sneak up on anyone, and who needs the hassle of running to the pharmacy? Especially if you have an injury or condition that makes it difficult for you to get out.

At Bladen East, you don’t have to worry about getting refills; our medication management program takes care of it for you.

4. Failure to Foresee Drug Interactions

It’s vital that your doctor not only have a complete list of all your prescription medication, but they also need to know about any herbal supplements or vitamins that you are taking as well. This is because even “routine” over-the-counter medicines need to be monitored to ensure that they do not interact with any of your previous medications.

At Bladen East Health and Rehab, we keep a careful record of all your medications so every member of your health care team knows what is involved in your daily regimen. This dramatically reduces any risk of possible drug interactions.

What Is Medication Management for Seniors?

Medication management for seniors is a type of treatment where our health care team evaluates the medications you are taking, reviews them to be aware of any potential side effects, and monitors their regular use. Through medication management, you receive your prescriptions as your physician has directed, on a regular basis, as we make sure you’re getting the best possible benefits from your medicines.

Medication management for seniors is particularly useful for those who have chronic and complex health issues that involve taking multiple prescription medicines.

What Is Included in Medication Management for Seniors?

Medication management includes five core elements:

  1. Medication therapy review, where we examine all the medications you are taking
  2. A personal medication record, where we make sure your medication therapy is up-to-date and recorded
  3. A medication-related action plan, where we follow your doctor’s orders
  4. Intervention or referral, where we direct any concerns or issues to your health care provider
  5. Documentation and follow up, where we keep track of your treatment and evaluate your progress

All Residents Have Access to Medication Management at Bladen East

For those at Bladen East Health and Rehab, medication management for seniors means we will provide your medicines for you every day in the dosage and frequency your physician has instructed. We’ll also keep an eye out for potential side effects, because some medicines may have an impact on balance or other issues. We follow your progress to make sure that you are reaching your treatment goals.

We adopt a team approach to your situation, where our friendly employees apply compassionate care to place your needs at the top of our priority list.

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